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» Name: Ashley Magnus
» Fandom: Sanctuary
» Reference:
» Canon Point: Season 1; Between the episodes "Instinct" and "Revelations" (Basically, before the Cabal got to her).
» Gender: Female
» Age: 23 (exact birthdate unknown)
» Orientation: Heterosexual.

Though there isn't a single actual relationship between Ashley and another character in the entire series, there are a few times when all signs point to "I like boys". For one, when she's under the influence of the pheromones of a species of abnormals called "nubbins", she makes one hell of a set of heavy eyes at her coworker Will Zimmerman. She references the fact that guys think she's "unapproachable", though by so saying it seems as if perhaps she's had an interest or two. I, however, generally assume that Ashley is either a virgin or, if not, she's only had physical pursuits and not an actual relationship.

» Personality: Ashley can come off as very abrasive, at first glance. She's not reserved about speaking her mind in the least, and tends to be a bit brash. She has a sarcastic streak, quick to come up with a bitingly witty remark, especially when bantering with her close friends (all... two or three of them) and her mom. She knows what she wants, and she knows how to get it. She's not really modest and will always spout whatever she feels is necessary. Sometimes, thanks to her dad's killer instincts being passed down to her, the ends can justify the means. She's a no-nonsense hard-hitter.

She's pretty fearless; she has no worry about taking on the world. No matter who, or what, it is, Ash will face it. She's gung-ho and headstrong, sometimes to the point that it's dangerous. She can be a little overly sure of herself and doesn't always think before gong into a situation, guns blazing. She's very aggressive, sometimes to the point of being a danger to herself and those she's working with just because she can get a little reckless. Thanks to the violent inheritance she gets from her father, there is a less touched, more shadowy side to how powerful she can be. She gets an adrenaline rush from the hunt (and kill, when there's killing). She's in denial about it, but it's there; and deep down, somewhere, she knows it's true.

She's spent her whole life surrounded by the unbelievable; the world's marvels have been around her all her life. As such, she's always been girl with a very interesting and broad outlook on the world. Beneath all of her layers of toughness and (often times) sarcasm, there is a genuine young woman. She has moments of weakness, but she strives to cover them up with the outside tough-as-nails bravado that she prides herself on. It takes a lot to get Ashley to open up to that point, but once she trusts someone enough to let them have that rare glimpse of the genuinely caring and compassionate person beneath the wry remarks and ass-kicking, the trust sticks and that person should know that they've earned themselves one hell of an ally. She also has a guilty pleasure: Ash is a huge fan of Facebook and wastes spends lots of time playing on it - when she's not go a job to work on, of course.

» Appearance: Ashley's a stunningly beautiful young woman, standing at about 5'7" and weighing in at 120" lbs, the majority of it being muscle. She's got vivid blue eyes that are full of life, and even skin to match. Her hair is platinum blonde, straight, and somehow manages to never be disheveled no matter how much she's mussed it up in a fight or otherwise. She's a huge fan of black leather, but she's also a jeans-and-teeshirts sort of girl. She's a big fan of practical, and while it always looks awesome on her, it's not always super-fashionable.

» Suitability: Not Applicable; Character over 18.

» "amatomnes" Entry: V I D E O

[ It doesn't take long for a very disgruntled, irritating face to appear on the screen. ]

Hello. Yeah. Hi? Uh - anybody wanna tell me just what the hell's going on here?

Seriously, if this is some kind of Cabal trick, you know my mom's gonna find all of this out. It won't take them long to find me. So... You might as well just let me go.

[ Her face expresses the very serious business of it all. ]

I'm not kidding. Someone tell me exactly who you are, where I am, and what it is you want with me. I'm not playing games. And if this isn't the Cabal? I've got work to do, and you're in my way.

[ She rummages for a minute before pulling out a gold-plated gun and aiming it at the screen. ]

Before I come find you and figure it out myself.

» "amatomneslogs" Entry:

Ashley didn't wake gently. She never had. She shot up, looking around the room, without really noticing the fact that she was stark naked on a bed she'd never seen before. Her face was twisted into an irritated and confused expression, and she was trying really hard to ignore the throbbing heat and wetness between her legs. "Ugh," she muttered, rolling her eyes. The ache was entirely sexual. Suddenly, she found herself remembering the dream she'd had. It flashed back to her room, when the Nubbin she'd adopted for her own sprayed Will. When he had his shirt off. But instead of happening the way that it really had in her memory, something in her subconscious altered it. The Nubbin didn't break out of its cage and interrupt. There'd been undeniable sparks between them, that much she couldn't forget; it didn't take long for them to strip down to nothing and - "Woah, Ash, woah - wait a minute."

This was Will she was thinking about like that. And that? Hadn't happened before the nubbins, or after them. It struck her as odd. Maybe she'd been drugged and raped, or a telepathic abnormal had planted thoughts into her head? There was also the option that some of the nubbins got free again and she was in some weird stasis, out of it enough not to remember having sex with him. But... if that were the case, where was he? She wasn't a fan of not knowing her surroundings, and the more she thought about everything, the more irritated she got. There was a little fear (because of the goddamn Cabal always coming in and screwing their lives up), but mostly? She was just pissed off. This was either a hallucination, a sick joke, or Cabal. Those were the three options she had it narrowed down to.

And there she sat, reliving the dream of their bodies tangling, again. She shook herself back to awareness. "Ash, snap out of it," she muttered to herself. She needed to start analyzing where she was. The architecture, everything. It looked like some of the buildings she and her mom had visited in Rome. Her gun was lying on top of her outfit –the leather jumpsuit, combat boots… All of her weapons were there, it looked it. But it seemed as if there was an addition to her wardrobe. She was totally naked except for sheets she'd never seen before and a black leather dog collar around her neck. "… What the hell?" she muttered, fingers dancing gingerly over the accessory.

Unless something had happened and she'd been knocked unconscious while her mother totally redecorated her bedroom, there was a lot - a lot - wrong with the interior of the room she woke up in. But that wasn't nearly as large a problem as suddenly having a collar around her neck. After feeling for a buckle or a clasp and finding nothing that would free her from it, she closed her fists around the band, and yanked. Ash was strong; really strong, and the frustration that began to build from not being able to break something as simple as a collar around her neck was driving her to a point of rage that would normally wind up with multiple holes in various training dummies on their firing range. She didn't have an outlet for it here.

And then that weird sensation came back, and her dream flashed through her mind yet another time. Why was she so bent on thinking about freaky, weird sex? She hadn't ever even… Almost, a couple of times, with a guy or two – but she'd never actually gotten to a totally naked, flesh-to-flesh bump-n-grind before. The fact that everything going through her head was vivid as if it had actually happened bothered her almost as much as the fact that it seemed like that's all she was thinking about.

She needed to get herself together. Ashley managed to breathe herself into a state of calm enough to resolve that, before anything else, she needed to get herself dressed. She stood up, and after a moment or two of weird fuzziness in her legs, made her way over to the little pile of clothes and got herself all suited up and strapped in - guns, and everything. It wasn't until then that she noticed a weird little device thing sitting close to the bed she'd woken up in.

It looked… really old and kinda weird, but Ash was tech savvy enough that when wandered over, picked it up, and started messing with it, she figured it out. It was like… some kinda cell phone. She pulled her own phone out of her pocket, thinking she might be able to use it instead of the dinosaur she'd been presented, but it wasn't working. "Great," she muttered, shoving it away again and flipping the device's video setting on.

If she couldn't figure this crap out on her own, she was gonna need some help.


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